Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today is my birthday !! New release FIRST LOVE

Today is my actual birthday and I have a new release FIRST LOVE. I have a new blog gift and FB gift and a special newsletter gift too.  40% off the Collection and 30% off the individual kits - new release pricing.
theStudio --- Heritage Scrap --- Digital Scrap Boutique
here is the new collection:  First Love

there are EIGHT extra kits in addition to the Page Kit in the Collection! 

my blog gift to you today is a matching Quick Page

jump over to my Facebook Page and grab this gift too
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Celebration - 70% Off Great Love: Tristan & Isolde

The birthday party continues!  Today and tomorrow Great Love Tristan & Isolde is 70% off!
theStudio  ---- Heritage Scrap --- Digital Scrap Boutique

and I have some more wonderful Live It, Love It gifts for you as well.


and a new FB Fan page gift too!

link to FB FAN PAGE

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birthday Celebration Continues: 70% off Great Love: Odysseus & Penelope Collection

Good morning friends!
I am excited to offer you my Great Love: Odysseus & Penelope Collection at 70% off today & tomorrow at all three of my stores!  You can grab any of the pieces at 70% off too.

I also want to say thank you to my wonderful CT: Faye, PattyB and Christina who helped create the wonderful birthday gifts I am sharing with all of you!

theStudio  ---- Heritage Scrap --- Digital Scrap Boutique

and in honor of my collaborative effort with Nibbles Scribbles, today's birthday blog gift matches the wonderful Live It, Love It Collection, an exclusive at theStudio --- on sale for 45% off!

**** DOWNLOAD LINK Expired ****

and jump over to my FB Fan Page and grab this matching cluster freebie too!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Look for your newsletter in your mailbox -- Othello & Desdemona Cluster included

Hello dear friends,  I just returned from a long afternoon at the University Medical Center 30 minutes from here.  It was time to check mom's pacemaker battery is time now to "upgrade" to a newer pacemaker.  That is scheduled for February. I really find it very tiring to sit around and wait and wait and wait.  Okay enough whining already!

I just sent out my weekly newsletter and wanted you to be sure and check for it...there is a matching cluster for my Great Love: Othello & Desdemona kit included.  and if you haven't grabbed the kit yet...please do so, it will be 70% off just until midnight CST.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Birthday Treats!! and Great Love: Othello & Desdemona is 70% off !

Today and tomorrow you can grab my favorite Great Love kit --  Othello & Desdemona for only $1.50 (70% off) at any of my three stores      theStudio  ---- Heritage Scrap --- Digital Scrap Boutique 
It is perfect for romantic images of all sorts (including wedding images) as well as children and family pics.

and of course I have some birthday gifts for you today as well ..... here on my blog are two Quick Pages for you.
**** download link expired ****

and on my FB Fan Page two Stacked Papers 
(be sure and grab it before it is replaced with something new in 2 days)

and there will be a matching cluster in my Newsletter this week, so sign up now, if you haven't already. HUGS!     Newletter Link 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION - 70% off Great Love: Orpheus & Eurydice page Kit

Dear friends,  the celebration next gifts to you are from the kit Great Love: Orpheus & Eurydice.  AND ... the page kit is on sale today and tomorrow at all of my stores for 70% off!!!! (that means only $1.50!!)

and here on my blog I have a cluster I made for you to match 
**** download link expired ****
had to fix link again...somehow got corrupted and was EMPTY!!!  But it is fixed now I PROMISE!

and I have an Add-on Kit to match on FB!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

DOTD at theStudio - Winter Frost Collection

Today you can grab my Winter Frost Bundle for 70% off at theStudio!
It is the "Deal of the Day" and only available for 24 hours.

fixed link to theStudio with proper one

BIG thank you to Omalley24 for letting me know my Studio link was to my CU store instead of to the PU one!!!  It is fixed now so if you click on theStudio it goes to my store with the "O" kits already selected.!

Birthday Celebration Continues with more freebies!

I am having lots of fun with all the freebies and I so appreciate all the thoughtful thank yous here and on FB.
The latest kits to go on sale for 70% off is  Old World Charm & the matching cardstocks -- good for today and tomorrow at all three of my stores
At theStudio, at Heritage Scrap   & at my new store Digital Scrap Boutique 

and of course I have a matching freebie here for you as part of my birthday gifts to you
****** link expired *****

and I have a new FB fan Page freebie too -
a wonderful cluster from my Great Love-Abelard & Heloise Kit
link to my FB Fan Page

also on sale for 35% in my stores!
At theStudio, at Heritage Scrap   & at my new store Digital Scrap Boutique 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage Valentines

I have a bundle of Vintage Valentines that I have scanned and extracted from my very own collection of Victorian ephemera.  They are on sale at all three of my stores
Newsletter friends, you will find a special gift from me in the newsletter than just went out today .... 2 more valentines;-).

Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday Celebration Freebies

today I am posting as my gifts to you .... from The Eyes of A Child Collection two sets of extra elements, one set here on my blog.
**** link expied ****

FB fan page

And for today and tomorrow you can grab the collection or any of the individual kits for 70% off!!!!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION - 70% off Eyes of a Child Collection

As part of my Birthday Celebration this month I am featuring a 70% off kit or collection every other day (and last for 2 days) soooooo for today and tomorrow grab my Eyes of A Child Collection for 70% off
HeritageScrap  and theStudio 

Exciting News! I have joined Digital Scrap Boutique

I am soooo excited as I have joined some of my all time favorite designers at Digital Scrap Boutique
I am busy getting all my kits loaded but I was able to complete a new Collection that is exclusive to DSB and part of a collaborative effort there. The shared palette is bright and cheerful while remaining vintage in style. The Collection is 50% off and the individual kits are 40% right now so jump on over and take a look.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birthday Celebration and Freebie Gifts for you!!

Hello dear friends!
It is my birthday this month and so I have lots to share with you...this is a longer post than usual but you will want to keep reading to make sure you don't miss any of the freebies!

Every even day thru the end of the month I will feature one of my kits or collections at 70% off.  It will be on sale until the next even day when I will pick another kit to feature!  TODAY & TOMORROW EASTER NOSTALGIA IS 70% off! - at either theStudio or Heritage Scrap

AND terrific CT have made gifts for you from some of my kits!  I am going to be posting a new freebie on the even days thru the end of the month on my blog and on FB. Soooo be sure and check here and FB to grab them all.  Here is the first blog birthday freebie.   A wonderful border cluster that matches It's A Man's World.

**** Download Link ****

Here is the FB Fan Page Freebie for today & tomorrow.

And the wonderful Manda, aka Nibbles Scribbles, is also having a Birthday Celebration and she is giving away freebies on her blog on the odd days thru the end of the month. Be sure and jump over there and grab her gifts as well! Nibbles Scribbles Blog

AND I will send out a newsletter every Friday and there will be an exclusive freebie in it too.

PLUS my stores are on sale for 35%-50% off thru the end of the month. AND dont forget the special 70% off kits too!    theStudio or Heritage Scrap

PLUS I am the featured designer with Nibbles Scribbles at theStudio  thru the end of the month. We created this delightful collab together! The collab is 45% off click the preview to grab it

We also are hosting a challenge and are giving away a mini that matches our collab.  the link to the forum is below the preview.
**** link to forum ****
  I LOVE seeing what you all make with my kits!

WHEW....that was alot to say but gosh I didnt want you to miss any of the freebies! HUGS!