Monday, May 7, 2012

New library in the upstairs living room YEAH!!

I am sooooo tired. Hubby finished the library bookshelves Friday and he and son brought all the boxes of books up from the garage on Saturday and sooooo I unpacked and sorted and shelved my books all day Saturday and Sunday.  Since I have less shelves in this library than I did in our old home....I had to sort through and decide what to give away. It was tough, but 18 boxes of books to be donated later, I was done. All of them went to Joseph's Coat, a thrift store that supports the local hospital.

Here is a picture of one end of the room. There is another book shelf on the opposite wall as well.


Anonymous said...

The shelves are beautiful and it looks like a real library! Lucky you.

Ambowife said...

your new library looks amazing and I'm sure many will get pleasure from your donation of books to the good will store too hun.
Now you are so super organized ;)


Geri said...

What a project! Looks nice.