Sunday, August 14, 2011

William Carpenter

What I know of William Carpenter, my 3rd great grandfather, comes from the autobiography of Charles Ezra Neeley: Remembered Yesterdays, self published c. 1924.

"In 1838 William Carpenter of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, with a caravan or train with many friends, started to California in their wagons, one of the many 'covered wagon' trains that went westward in those days. They landed in Missouri late in the fall, and Carpenter, having lost his wife some months previous, had no one with him but his daughter, Esther." [page 5]
"William Carpenter, after the marriage of his daughter [ Esther Carpenter Neeley, the writer's mother], was left all alone but continued his trip west, only going, however, as far as what is known as the State of Colorado, where he turned back east, and arriving in Missouri, visited with his daughter and then returned to Ohio, where he continued to live until 1849 when the gold fever ran so high, of which the old man had a severe case, following westward the lure of the yellow metal, but like my paternal grandfather, he crossed the far frontier before he came to the land of gold, as the whole train was massacred by the Indians." [page 6]
I intend to share the entire Remembered Yesterdays book on this blog in the future.

Getting Started

I have always tried to be organized. I am starting this blog in the hope it will assist me in that effort and allow me to share the results of my search into the past with others who might also find it interesting.